Thank you for visiting the website of Issoh Inc. Issoh is a software development company that was established in March 2014 by professionals with more than 10 years of development experience working within major domestic SI companies.


Ever since our founding, we have worked hard to gain the interest and trust of our customers. As a result, we have been able to steadily expand our business to the point where we now employ over 90 engineers.


Through making best use of technical capabilities and accumulated experience, Issoh aims to be a company that:


・contributes to society through business

・values social harmony as well as harmony with the environment

・always puts the customer first, providing optimum solutions to customers’ problems.


Here at Issoh, we appreciate your business.



01Understanding the "essential issues" ahead of system introduction

Our concept is to construct a system that is user-friendly and produces results, not just for the purpose of constructing a system.

To provide continuing support for our customers’ growth and development, we analyze their operations and business in order to fully understand the site. We aim to improve customer productivity by saving labor and digitizing operations.


02Leading customers to "optimum"

We believe that imagining our customers’ growth and coming up with the optimal system based on desired results is the path to optimal results.

With the aim of eliminating over-complicated tasks, we value questions such as ”Is this task really necessary?" and "Is this really OK?" in order to derive optimal solutions. We will never create a system that is difficult to use or navigate.


03“Once we make it, we’re done” is NOT our motto

A system is never finished. It must continue to adapt to your needs. We will continue to support our customers, working together as a team.

Essentially, we take care of system development and our customers develop their business. This sort of self-reinforcing cycle is the best type of relationship we can envision with our customers.