ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

SAP is a software package for centrally managing management resources such as "people, goods, money, and information" which has been introduced in many companies. SAP has a wide range of business support mechanisms and can streamline a wide range of operations such as personnel, expense settlement, and project management, from core business systems such as production management, sales management, and financial management.

Strengthening internal controls
By visualizing work history and confirming "who, when, and what", it makes possible the prevention of unauthorized data entry.

Business efficiency is improved by standardizing business
Improve business efficiency by standardizing complex business processes

Reduce labor costs incurred through manual input, duplicate work, and operations and maintenance
By centrally managing data covering various tasks, duplicate tasks such as multiple inputs are reduced.

Visualize management and support decision making
Real-time execution of transaction processing and analysis / reporting enables decision-making based on highly accurate information.

Microsoft Dynamics


Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications that enable you to run your entire business and achieve better results through predictive insights powered by AI.

Make better use of business data
View business and customer data from hundreds of sources in one place to view a comprehensive overview of your organization.

Coordinating business
Seamlessly share data across all departments to break through organizational barriers and build a single source of facts.

Gain "insight" and get results
Get faster results by leveraging ongoing business and customer insights to shift away from constant follow-up to a more proactive approach.


Worlds No. 1 CRM

Salesforce is the number one CRM in the world. We support business growth and expansion in various ways, from developing prospects, acquiring new customers, and expediting business negotiations, to smart sales, customer service, and marketing.

For small businesses
If you want to develop new customers, conclude business negotiations, and gain and retain customers.

Sales support
If you want to find potential customers and increase sales more efficiently.

Customer service
If you want to improve customer satisfaction by responding to our customers.

If you want to understand each customer and carry out effective sales promotion activities.

If you want to set up a simple and easy-to-use online shop.

If you want to develop apps quickly and easily according to my own business.