Company-wide integrated management RPA

We promote robot operations in compliance with IT department governance and security policies at each company and strengthened internal controls. Robots are centrally managed by a console that controls, monitors, executes, and schedules processes for robots distributed in business divisions.

Blue Prism differs greatly from RPA, such as its use o fscripts that run individually on PCs. We provide the type of full-fledged enterprise RPA platform environment required by companies.
・Compliance measures
・Efficient robot development


Freeing up manpower by limiting mundane tasks

BizRobo! is a digital labor platform that supports the introduction and operation of software robots (Digital Labor) that increase white-collar productivity. Using "robots" and "IT," we can release white-collar workers from mundane tasks, improve the productivity of companies and society as a whole, and change the way we work in the future.

It is said that about 50% of the time at work among white-collar workers is actually spent on mundane tasks. By apportioning to robots such common tasks as information transcription work, paper culture, information collection, number aggregation, and system and software input work, essential work can become the focus. You can change the way you work.

BizRobo! supports the operation of digital labor in order to smash through the barriers of the way we all used to work.


RPA business automation solutions

UiPath RPA streamlines business procedures through visualizing operational efficiencies and providing insights with analytics tools for fast, cost-effective digital transformation and the acceleration of cooperation between systems.

Software robots automate the process. With UiPath, anyone in your organization can build and leverage robots with simple visual tools. Anyone can be an automation creator or contributor, leading to significant improvements in productivity.

The automation that RPA offers will free your team from mundane tasks and allow you to focus on more meaningful work.


RPA products that anyone can easily automate their work

Kobot Platform is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software for automating routine tasks on a personal computer. It is an RPA product with the concept of "easy to use", "reasonable price" and "enriched support".

Easy-to-use operation screen
Anyone can easily create a robot with an intuitive operation screen.

Easy to introduce price
Kobot Platform is a low-cost RPA tool that can be installed from one license.

Full support
We provide a dedicated portal site that supports the development and operation of robots, and content such as e-learning.